Perfect Business for Millennials

There is one perfect business for millennials. This business will give you tons of personal development training and will help you become the person that is required to be successful. Yes I said you will need to change for success because if you were already designed for success you would already be successful and probably wouldn’t have time to look at this blog… Just saying. The business I am talking about is Network Marketing! Now before you go running away saying ridiculous things like scam, ponzi scheme or whatever else you can come up with, check out my 4 reasons why network marketing is the perfect business for millennials.

  1. Freedom – Network Marketing is known for bringing you freedom. I mean honestly who doesnt want freedom? But what exactly is freedom… When it comes to network marketing you can most definitely have financial freedom (Number one network marketer last year made 15.6 million). So needless to say you can gain financial freedom. But the more important freedom that network marketing provides is time freedom. Leverage is one of the most incredible tools in network marketing. This gives you the opportunity to spend more time with you family, taking vacations, and doing whatever you want.
  2. Training – My personal favorite thing about network marketing is the training they provide for you. They will teach you how to sell and handle rejection. Network marketing is passionate about reading and learning to better you life. I have always used the term readers are leaders and if you look at the top network marketers that couldn’t be more true. Becoming successful requires becoming a different person. Network marketing can teach you how to be that person that attracts success.
  3. Upline – Yes I think your upline can be one of the greatest things about this business. The reason I say this is your upline has a vested interest in seeing you succeed. In every other business model I see its a race to the top and take down whoever you need to. That idea just does not work in network marketing because in order for your upline to be successful you and the other people in their downline have to be successful.
  4. Helping people – You can truly help people change there lives. This can be through your products or your business opportunity. Many people struggled financially before joining network marketing, now they live a life many others cant. This is large in part a thanks to their upline. If that person above them never showed them the opportunity they would still be going through the same struggles. Also, as long as your company offers a valuable service or product you are helping people. My personal opinion is business is about helping people solve a problem and make there lives better. If you offer supplements for weight loss then you are helping people immensely with weight loss.

Now I am not going to stand here and say that network marketing is the only good business model. I am also not going to say there haven’t been people that have given network marketing a bad name. But last year alone network marketing companies did 178 billion in revenue. That alone should show you that not everything you hear negative about network marketing is true. My thinking is if you consider yourself an entrepreneur this would be a great business for you to start. Thank you for checking out my top reasons network marketing is the perfect business for millennials. Please find us on instagram and share the love. God bless

I am a Millennial giving the people what they want


I am a Millennial giving the people what they want

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