3 Reasons Why to Question College Education

There are 3 reasons why to question college education. College is something that the majority of people ponder going to. With that there are a few questions you might to ask and research before you make the decision of going. Yes I know if your dream is to become a doctor or lawyer your going to need college education. But those aren’t the people I am talking to. I am talking about the people who are going to college because they want to find a job that will pay them good.

My 3 reasons why to question college education

  1. Debt coming out of college – College debt in America is one of the biggest financial concerns we face in today’s economic times. College debt is the second highest level of consumer debt follow only mortgage debt. Student loan debt equates to 1.2 trillion dollars according to Market Watch (http://www.marketwatch.com/story/americas-growing-student-loan-debt-crisis-2016-01-15). Another component is its the only form of debt you are not able to file bankruptcy from. Already 27 percent of graduates have been delinquent on student loans. College debt is something you will HAVE to pay off no matter what happens.
  2. More companies are hiring based on what you bring to the table not your slip of paper – I would first like to make a statement that I believe this will make a huge negative impact towards college graduates. Many companies are no longer focusing on credentials and instead what value you can bring them. Some of these companies are 1st Phorm, Supplement Superstores, Vayner Media, Google, Virgin, and many other big companies truly impacting the world. Studies have shown that people who spent lots of time in school getting good grades become handicapped in the real world. The world is full of challenges and failure. But unfortunately school teaches you its bad to fail and make mistakes. Companies are looking more for hard workers that are willing to fail to success and not get discouraged.
  3. Degree doesn’t guarantee job – I have studied the jobs that college grads are getting and its shocking. First off, as of 2010 only 68 percent of college grads had jobs that required a degree. So many of them got a degree and now make as much as they could without one. On top of that terrifying statistic only approximately 27 percent of college grads had a job fit for there major. Washington Post did a great study on this (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2013/05/20/only-27-percent-of-college-grads-have-a-job-related-to-their-major/).

To conclude, I don’t feel like college as a whole is unnecessary for everybody. But I believe more people should see if they really need a college degree. If you can get just as good of a paying job with or without one, why acquire all the debt. These were my 3 reasons to question college education. Please subscribe so you can get all the latest information. Thank you for reading and God Bless.

I am a Millennial giving the people what they want


I am a Millennial giving the people what they want

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