Alton Sterling and the Truth About the Night he Died

On July 5, 2016 Alton Sterling, a black male, was shot by a white police officer while he was trying to sell CD’s and make a living for his family. That is the story the news tells all of us. But before I get into my opinion I want you to be able to see the video footage from a bystanders phone.

Now lets discuss the facts that we do know from that video and the 911 initial call.

  1. Caller stated Alton Sterling had a gun and pulled it on the complainant saying he wasn’t allowed to be there.
  2. Alton refused numerous times to get on the ground after verbal commands were given to him.
  3. One Officer tackles him to the ground and you can see Alton trying to avoid being taken down and resisting.
  4. On the ground Alton Sterling is still actively resisting and not cooperating.
  5. One Officer states that Alton has a gun and it is unclear in the video where his right hand is.
  6. Officer informs him to not move or he will be shot.
  7. Officers are clearing struggling with controlling Alton and the Officer shoots him.

Now you get to hear my thoughts on this based on the real facts not on rumors. To start police also have disclosed that Alton was a convicted felon, registered sex offender, and had multiple arrests on his record. That isn’t the image the media is trying to take on it. They are calling Alton a hard working family man just trying to make a living selling CD’s. My question to that is then why would he be carrying a gun while knowing its a felony for him to do so!?

Aside from that even though I want you to place yourself in the Police Officers shoes. You have just received a call that states a man is outside a convenient store and brandished a gun. Immediately I can tell you the hair on the back of my neck would stand up. Now on top of that if I had a family, like these Officers could have, I would be thinking about the dangerous situation that I will be pulling up to and potentially could be the last call of my life. Going into it I can tell you I would not be playing around and would want there to be full cooperation so everything can get sorted out without any harm being done. Well we know how the rest of the contact went as we saw them struggle with Alton for several minutes which eventually led to his death.

Let me make one thing clear though.. I am not saying that I know the Officers did not unlawfully kill Alton Sterling. What I am saying is that everybody needs to be patient and here what the FBI says after there thorough investigation. I am so sick of seeing these riots pop up calling Police brutality without having all of the evidence of the incident.

The media is LOVING this too! They have the ability to paint a picture of an incident exactly how they want it to look. Any of us in the media industry know that bad news sells way more than good news. They want to paint these cops to be the criminals. It doesn’t matter if Alton was attempting to grab the gun while just before he was shot because the media crews are going to make the cops to be bad because that’s what sells and that’s what everyone wants to hear.

My point that I am trying to get across from this is that people need to really take a hard look at what the facts are of these Officer involved shootings. Ignore the skewed representation that the media shows you so that you can get upset and spread there articles they wrote all over social media. Also, I am not saying that there aren’t bad cops out there because that would be crazy to think just like with any other profession. I will say though I have met a lot of cops in my lifetime and I can say without a shadow of a doubt none of them have ever gone to work saying I just want to shoot and kill somebody today. No instead they leave there family’s at home, put on a uniform, bullet proof vest, and gun belt and patrol the streets that they work. They go to work to make a difference and help the communities they live in.

Please stop this rioting and feeding into what the media wants. Its time we stand together and actually try to make this country better not by separating us all. Think about these situations from both point of views and keep your angry emotions out of the picture. Thank you for reading my latest thoughts. God bless

I am a Millennial giving the people what they want


I am a Millennial giving the people what they want

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