Top 5 Most Influential Fitness Athletes

Instagram has many influential fitness athletes. But there are five of them that stand out above the rest. They all have a very large following and are a great inspiration for getting in the gym.

  1. Joey Swoll – Joey is a bodybuilder that is sponsored by Shredz. Now I can not comment on the Shredz company but I will say that I have been following Joey for a long time now and he is the real deal. His heart is huge towards his fans and wants to help people out as much as he possibly can. Follow his Instagram page so you can get great tips on lifts and meals.Influential fitness athletes
  2. Mike O’hearn – Mike O’hearn is one of the top natural bodybuilders in the world. He also is a martial arts expert. Mike has helped build a business recently call Frog Fitness. Mike is always pushing himself and following him makes you realize the work that is required to get what you want out of life. influential fitness athletes
  3. Paige Hathaway – Paige is another Shredz athlete. She is helping women get lean and ripped with her hardcore workouts and diet. She is by far one of the leading influential fitness athletes there is on instagram. Influential fitness athletes
  4. Steve Cook – Steve is a very eccentric man that shows amazing all around fitness. He is ripped to shreds, and recently just completed his first 5K. He also does workout videos on youtube that I love watching to help me with my training.Influential fitness athletes
  5. Marc Lobliner – Marc is by far in my opinion the most outspoken leader in the fitness industry. He is the owner of multiple fitness companies and has no problem telling people with what he thinks. He has a youtube page as well where he talks about the controversial topics related to the fitness industry. Marc is my favorite person to follow in the fitness world.Influential fitness athletes

Following these influential fitness athletes will take your training and motivation for the gym to the next level. They are always on social media to bring out the best in there followers. Be sure to check out our Instagram fitness page.

I am a Millennial giving the people what they want


I am a Millennial giving the people what they want

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